Monday, 8 September 2014

Finally, everybody in the same place!

In the museum world, this is something to celebrate!

Gwaai and Jaalen arrived on September 1st and it was wonderful to bring them together with both boxes in the same space, on the same continent! They began by having a close look at the box. Having worked from photographs that flattened the carved design into a two-dimensional image, it was important to think about carving angles, v grooves, planes, and how all of this worked with the formline design. They also thought a bit more about the box carver’s ‘tells,’ his characteristic use of formline and planes.

And so is this: Haida artists together with the box. Gwaai and Jaalen reacquaint themselves with the box's complexity

Then they took the tracing of the design they had made from the scale photographs and began applying the design to the new box

tracing of design overlaid onto scale photograph of front of box

And finally they began to paint. Some of the key parts of the design are painted before carving so the paint doesn’t run into the carved areas.

beginning to paint the design outline

And finally they were able to begin carving. Now things get interesting…

All photographs in this blog post are by Laura Peers.

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