Tuesday, 16 September 2014


two weeks in…
(photograph by Laura Peers)

Two weeks on in the Great Box Project, and many late nights later, the new box is really taking shape. We had a chance to photograph both boxes together when Gwaai and Jaalen gave a talk to Museum staff. It was wonderful to bring all the different parts of the museum—administration, conservation, education, front of house, technical services, curatorial—and be in the same room listening to Haida perspectives on the Great Box and on the project. We all walk past the Great Box in its case quite often: we’ll never see it in quite the same way again. Hearing about plans for when the new box goes home to Haida Gwaii was also exciting. Gwaai and Jaalen are not trying to finish the whole box here at PRM. Taking it back unfinished, and working with other artists at home to finish it, and then using the box in their theatre and animation production company rather than making it a museum piece, will be part of the whole process of disseminating knowledge.

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